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My 1st MOOC! Learning Analytics 2012

Today was the kick-off of the Learning Analytics Massive Open Online Course 2012 ( I feel that is going to be a great experience on 2 accounts at least: last semester I took the Stanford Machine Learning class (I highly recommend it btw!), so I see that now that I got acquainted with the tools, I can see how they could be made to use in the context of Analytics in Education (for which I know very little).

The other very interesting aspect for me is the pedagogical approach. The Stanford course was a great course, but I would say very traditional, with centrally hosted and authored content, a very linear flow. That’s something I’ve always be used too and can easily comprehend. Here, in a MOOC, from what I comprehend, that seems all reversed. There is no central repository, facilitators more than instructors, and a network of content that’s alive and fed by participants, ready to harvest, re-hash and re-share the richness of the web. I’m curious to see how that will unfold!