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Game of Life in Creation Platform

Time to play a bit with Python and KL… You probably know Python. But what is KL? Kernel Language of course 🙂 That is a compiled (at run time though) strongly typed language dedicated to writing high performing operations build with easy parallelism abstraction. The idea is you write most of your code (User Interface) in Python and let the performance part execute in KL…

For who is this for? well mostly TDs (the guys that do the coding in Studios) as Creation Platform is meant to be tool to build tools! And in a DCC (Digital Content Creation think Maya/Softimage) agnostic way. In addition of offering the creation platform SDK, the Fabric Engine team also proposes a set of rather astonishing modules built ontop of it. All that to say you should really go check those out: Fabric Engine. And those guys are from Montreal, there are some serious skills in the city 🙂 Thanks Softimage/Avid, Autodesk and all the game studios for creating such a fertile eco system.

So back to my experiment, I gave myself a try on the platform by doing a Game of Life Cellular Automata, in 3d for a spin. Rules are similar to the regular 2d, although I must say I did not get the nice emerging patterns you usually see in the 2d examples (i.e. the gliders). From an implementation standpoint, I did not achieve as much parallelism as I wanted as the KL was then missing atomic add operation. But nevertheless it worked quite fine. The code is on github, it might require some tweaking if you run it against newer version of the platform: github repo.