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Hit Pop and Star Travel with Cinema 4D

This one was done a while ago (march 2007) when C4D was still my main application. So I wanted to experiment with Thinking Particles (node graph to build particles, ICE before its age) and Expresso (C4D scripting language). So the animation is in 2 phases:

  • Thinking Particle: Using a Camera Mapping trick, particles are emitted using an image projection. 3 images are projected through different angles, each generating particles (the stars) in a different color and forming an image only when viewed at the angle of the camera projection. Then the render camera navigates through the stars and passes by those 3 spots.
  • Expresso: rotating panels of 3 colors. The animation is actually a 2d animation and the RGB of each pixel in the small 2d animation is used to drive the rotation of a triangle.

I’ve added some tutorials I did way back then in case you have any more interest in the subject.

Oh and I forgot the most important point: the music! It’s a track by a set of Montreal DJs: numéro. Check them out! (itunes)

(and a enormous thank you to Dr Sassi for the countless hours he spent teaching us 3D, one bit at a time, within the PixelCorps).

play tutorialplay tutorial