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Particle Filter experiment (no ICE here!)

Sounds like another post on ICE and Softimage Particles, but not at all! This semester I took 2 of the online courses offered by Stanford (introduction to AI and Machine Learning), that was a great experiment that I’m glad will continue on next semester. If you have not yet, check out those courses: and

particle filter in action

In the AI Course Sebastian Thurn introduced seemingly a key algorithm in Robotics: Particle Filter, which is used to derive the position of a robot based on subsequent observations of its environment. I decided to give it a try, also a good reason to play with HTML5 canvases. Although the core of the logic truly lies in a bit more than 10 lines of code, it ended up being a bit more to build all the environment around it. What I actually found the most challenging was to build the correlation between a particle’s observation and the robot’s one so that a proper weight could be derived.

Anyway, enough said. You can have a look at the experiment here: particle filter.

You can also follow some discussion on it on reddit.

Nodles: Nodes and Noodles

As you can see from my other posts, I tend to spend quite some (of my free) time in Softimage ICE and I got quite used to the Node-Based UI. As my day-to-day work is more Web related, I was wondering if there was some kind of Javascript library out there to build similar ‘languages’ which I think you could be useful to help introduce some level of logic customization.

I did not find any.

So I started working on one 🙂 and Nodles was born. Still in its infancy you can have a look at it here: Nodles Home Page. Right now the idea is just to provide a visual library to build simple trees. No evaluation framework (yet).