Bye Bye 2013

The ‘Bye Bye’ family souvenir video is the only excuse to keep myself from getting rusty in 3D and Video stuff (as my main work is taking a fair bit of my time).

This year, no particles, no wave spectrum. I decided to ramp up a bit with Modo, as I might just stick to Softimage 2014 from now on, and invest my hobby money in Modo instead (seems a more complete toolbox for the hobbyist, and the amount of changes I was getting for Softimage for the price of the subscription did not seem to make it really worth it).

2013 sketch

So here, it’s a simple parallax trick around 2013. I sketched the 2013 and got the various elevations (0-5) and whether a block top was flat, descending or raising. I wrote a little python script to convert those values into a grid data that I could feed directly into Softimage ICE using the String to Array node. That gave the tree a final destination as to where to grow the points making each cube. The grid in itself was done using ICE geometry, replicating a simple cube and tagging the proper material depending on whether it is a ‘black’ square or a ‘white’ one. Finally the whole thing was exported as MDD and loaded in Modo for the lighting, shading and camera work, and of course final rendering. I must say all in all it worked quite smoothly! If you are interested, here is the Softimage scene: byebye2013.scn.

So what to say about modo? I’ve tried to love it for so long, but it never clicked like Softimage did. I’m never quite sure what to expect really, where Softimage it mostly always make sense. I’m saddened that Softimage seems to be stalling. I’ll sure keep using it as much as possible as I have a deep investment in it, but for a hobbyist, I much rather fork $400 to modo every other year for substantial update, rather that $900 a year for minor update (and now it would cost me 3k I believe!). Hopefully modo 801 will bring me joy!

On this, happy new year!


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