LTI at works @Learning Impact 2014

I’ve been pushing @Cengage the Learning Tools Interoperability internally so that it becomes the foundation of the integration API with our Courseware platform, MindTap. We lately achieved our first LTI integration with an Video Assessment engine called YouSeeU (think like the students do not watch the video, but are the one being recorded and evaluated). I did a presentation on it helped with YouSeeU Chief Learning Officer Jeff Lewis Phd. Here are the slides (made with reveal.js), and also a case study I made on the same matter.

It was as usual a great opportunity to meet old friends and colleagues, and also make new ones! New Orleans is the best city for that… So rich with history and grit, I feel it is the opposite of Las Vegas and much more enjoyable! Here are a few pix from the event.

Oh and that was also my 1st tweet ever, about time 🙂


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