LTI from B to C: a 1 hour+ tutorial covering LTI from the basic to the emerging services

Phew! Took me almost 2 months to get through, when I thought it would take 2 weeks 🙂 But here it is, a tutorial on Learning Tools Interoperability, starting with the Basic Launch and ending up with Caliper. It’s long, yet short, as there is so much to cover! And there is even more cooking (as I am privileged to be part of the IMS LTI Working Group, I have an idea of the scope we want to add). But no needs to run if everybody is walking, so I hope this could give an idea why it is time to look beyond the basic launch and outcomes.

As a one 1 hour 30 minutes YouTube Video about LTI by a French speaker trying the best it can to soften his accent can get a bit tiresome, i’ve also sliced it in a YouTube playlist:


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