Flocking in a Bottle

I’ve always been intrigued by emerging behavior and thanks to ICE I was finally able to devote some time for experimentation. So here are a bunch of particles trapped in a bottle and constrained by the typical 3 rules which each generate their own force:

  • cohesion: each particle is attracted by the particles of its own kind, as long as they are within a given radius and in the field of vision
  • alignment: each particle aligns to the average direction of its neighbors
  • separation: strong but very local force that prevents collision

I have found ICE was a very good playground for this. I must also mention Programming Game AI by Example by Mat Buckland for its good coverage of steering behaviors.

And that piece would just be a bunch of dots in a bottle without the music from Pierre Lapointe. Try to listen to some of his songs, I think they must be beautiful even if you do not understand its chiseled lyrics.

If you are interested, here is a link to the SI scene: flocking_in_bottle.zip.

2 thoughts on “Flocking in a Bottle

  1. Pierre

    Hi, I saw your video on flocking inside the bottle. The example is amazing. Is that scene available to download to take a look at the rules of flocking behaviour?

    Best regards.
    Btw: yeah, awesome music indeed.


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