Birds eat Flies, Flies eat Trees…

Carrying on the flocking experience, I moved to another layer of difficulty doing some kind of ‘Game of Life’. Here you have 3 type of particles:

  • The Birds: they eat the flies and mate when healthy enough or die when exhausted
  • The Flies: well, the flee the birds, they eat the leaves, and same as the birds, they mate whenever healthy enough or die of starvation
  • Finally the leaves: they grow on tree at a rate that depends on the number of already existing leaves (until a plateau number).

So few leaves, small food, exhausted even faster, the flies dies, the birds too…

Also there is a bit a genetic algorithm: each particle as slightly different attribute (max speed VS max health), and the offspring takes the attribute of one of its parents… so evolution at work, only the fittest combination should survive.

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